Homemade Hummus

hummus and veggies

Confession. I didn’t like hummus the first time I tried it. Or the second or the third time either. But as my interest in plant-based protein grew, I looked to hummus again. I found it was easy to make, easy to make different varieties and so yummy! They say babies have to try a new …

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I’m Loving Stitch Fix!

I’ve been a Stitch Fix customer for years, but not being able to get out to shop for clothes lately has made them more special than ever. My style, delivered to my door. I send back what I don’t want. So easy! Here’s why I love Stitch Fix. If you just came for the coupon, …

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Homemade Cleaning Wipes

DIY cleaning wipes

Anyone else feel like they are cleaning their house more than usual? I’m wiping door knobs, refrigerator handles and kitchen counters like mad. This DIY recipe for cleaning wipes has made clean-up so much quicker. And it’s so easy! Materials:1 roll of (quality) paper towels1 air tight jar for towels2 cups distilled water1 cup isopropyl …

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Make it Monday: Cleaning Window and Sliding Door Tracks

Is there any less sexy of a chore than cleaning your window or sliding door tracks? I don’t think so. Housework is not my favorite and this was downright nasty. But it was so easy and it made such a difference! Our sliding door was getting harder to close. The track is one of those …

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Make it Monday- DIY Frayed Jeans

Easy DIY!

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