5 smart things to do to save time and money this Christmas (you can do these from your phone!)

  1. Clear space on your calendar. Life is busy enough with sports practice, work schedules and school projects. Now you’re supposed to fit in ice skating, shopping, parties, performances all with Christmas cheer?? So make the time NOW while your calendar is still free. For me, this is Sunday afternoons. My family might be chilling watching Christmas movies or baking cookies, but it is set aside time for us to be together. Maybe your Monday nights are always free? Schedule that as dedicated together time now. My promise to myself is that if something does come up where we have to change the day, I will reschedule our together time before accepting plans.
  2. Get your email organized. If you don’t already have this, create a folder called “purchases” or “receipts” in your email. Then throw everything here related to your online orders. If you need help tracking a package, you won’t have to search through your regular email hoping that that you didn’t delete it. Also, some stores are offering to email you receipts. If you do this, you wont have to worry about losing those pesky paper ones.
  3. Speaking of paper receipts, how is it that they seem to clog the bottom of my purse but I can never find the one I need? I bought a small pencil pouch at the dollar store and have been stuffing my receipts in there. When I get home I have a larger envelope I can add them to. I keep all the Christmas receipts together and this process has really seemed to work for me.
  4. Do you hate junk email as much as me? (yes) But guess what? It really can save you money. I have signed up for emails at the stores I shop at the most for my kids- Urban Outfitters, Pac Sun, Tilly’s, etc. This time of year it’s a great way to shop their sales, get coupons, etc. You can always unsubscribe in January!
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