Calm Those Christmas Crazies

Has your countdown to Christmas begun? When you’re making your list and checking it twice, did you add some time for yourself? I’m definitely in list-mode, so here are five things you can do for yourself to help calm the Christmas crazies.

  1. Clean your house. If your home is about to explode with Santa figurines and garland everywhere, it’s time to give your house a good cleaning, especially dusting. Get the cobwebs and dust mites so that you can decorate a clean home.
  2. Go through your closet. This goes for the rest of your household too. Before adding more clothes to your wardrobe or the kids add more to their overflowing toy bins, a good “go-through” will help clear space. Get rid of the clothes that don’t fit and have your kids purge toys that they no longer play with. I am always shocked by how large our charity pile is this time of year. If you’re really ambitious hit up your linen closet and kitchen drawers as well. There are so many people in need that your giveaways won’t go to waste. Look for local jacket drives for your jacket donations too.
  3. Plan your meals. Ideally you do this year-round, but this time of year it’s so easy to eat way too much restaurant food and sugary treats. Planning ahead saves you in the end. Decide how much you will eat take-out and the, stick to it. Stock your fridge with healthy grab and go basics. We do a lot of charcuterie boards this time of year. We like a mix of  chicken sausage, salami, cheeses, whole grain crackers and vegetables with hummus. I also know which dessert treats I like and I do not indulge in the ones that aren’t my favorites. The better you are on your “normal” days, the less crappy you will feel on the days you indulge. There is no harm in indulging, it’s just all about balance.
  4. Plan your exercise. Seriously. Especially if you don’t already have a regular plan. A walk every day on your lunch break can help battle the stress and fatigue that come with the holidays. Schedule gym time on your calendar so that your family knows you are busy and won’t plan other things. You deserve to start the new year feeling good, not feeling behind on your health.
  5. Take 5 to quite the mind. Twenty minutes would be even better but start where you can. Maybe you start a gratitude journal writing down three things a day you are grateful for. Or for you, it could be listening to a meditative app ( I hear Calm is a great one). Sign up for your church daily devotional if they have one (Or try Bayside’s- that’s what I use. Text “refuel” to 56316). Taking a few minutes each day to center your mind is a great start to help you balance your busy this season.

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