Make it Monday- DIY Frayed Jeans

Make it Monday is back because this girl is checking some things off her to-do list. Yes, fraying a pair of jeans was on my list! I bought these Just Black jeans (read: $70ish retail) at the half-off Goodwill sale which made them $3.50. In MY size! Except they were extraordinarily too long. Hence today’s project. If you’ve got a pair of jeans you want to spice up or a pair of jeans that you want to turn into cut-off shorts, you’ll love this!

This is a pretty easy project. It took me about 30 minutes. Turn on a podcast or whatever series you’re watching and get working!

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Pair of jeans
Scissors (I used these, Scotch scissors)
Seam ripper (or sharp object like a thick needle)
Fork, Hold and Slice kitchen tool, lint roller

  1. Cut jeans to the desired length. You could mark this with chalk but I just rolled the hem to where it needed cutting. Since you are fraying these it does not need to be perfect. Note: better to error on making them too long and needing to fray more. I cut mine a tad short!
  2. Begin with the seam ripper to loosen the threads. This will feel a bit tedious but keep pulling with the seam ripper and stretch the material to help speed up the process. (If all you have is a seam ripper, you may have a longer process ahead of you. Otherwise, keep reading.)
  3. Next use a product with tines to help speed up the fraying. A fork works, but I have this handy tool called a “Hold and Slice” by Pampered Chef and it was AMAZING. You can get something similar on Amazon, like this tool. Just keep pulling at the threads until you get the desired length.
  4. Trim the fray as evenly (or not) to reach your desired look.
  5. Marvel that you did these 5 steps in 30 minutes. I am so proud of you!

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