Make it Monday: Cleaning Window and Sliding Door Tracks

Is there any less sexy of a chore than cleaning your window or sliding door tracks? I don’t think so. Housework is not my favorite and this was downright nasty. But it was so easy and it made such a difference!

Our sliding door was getting harder to close. The track is one of those things I always think of cleaning at the wrong time. I look down whenever I cross the threshold thinking, that’s gross, I should clean that. But since I’m on the move, I never stop to do it. Well, I’ve had a bit of extra time and the sticky door was on my last nerve.

Without further ado- I give you, how to clean your window and sliding door tracks!

Distilled white vinegar
Baking soda
Scrub brush (optional: various sizes, I used a toothbrush)
Paper towels for clean up (you can use junk towels, but this was easier)

1. Sprinkle baking soda in tracks.
2. Pour vinegar in tracks. It will start to bubble.
3. WAIT. Wait 5-10 minutes depending on the grime. I gave mine 10.
4. Scrub away grime with brush. Be prepared with paper towels to soak up vinegar and grime.

I am still amazed at how clean this got! For a 30-year-old door, not too shabby!

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