Father’s Day Gift Ideas

In case you have lost track of the days, I am here to tell you that Father’s Day is around the corner! Gotta get those orders in now so his gifts will get here in time! Stores may be starting to open but the shelves are looking pretty empty. I’ve rounded up some fun and …

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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don’t know about you, but I could use some comfort food right about now. Nothing satisfies that desire like these chocolate chip cookies. About 95% of the time you’ll see me eating clean but these are the exception to the rule. If you balk at seeing Crisco in the ingredients, don’t even bother making …

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How to Tie-Dye — A Beginner’s Guide

If tie-dyeing some tee shirts sounds like a fun idea to do with the kids, think again. It is messy, requires some precision and definitely some patience. But I would compare tie-dyeing to childbirth — you will quickly forget the stained hands and spilled dye and be ready to do it all over again when …

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Closet Clean-out

Need a weekend project? Depending how long it’s been since you’ve gone through your closet, this could take a bit. But I’ve got a few key spots to hit that will speed things up and help you clean out your closet. The seasons are changing and it is time for me to switch out my …

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Chex Lemon Buddies

I love anything lemon. Add a little sugar and I’m hooked. These Chex were inspired by the Chex Muddy Buddy recipe. But instead of peanut butter, I use lemon! Note, this could be made with lemon juice but I find the moisture makes for almost instant stale Chex. So this recipe uses lemon essential oil. …

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