Oct 12 2018

Top 5 Amazon Finds in October

 In the spirit of saving you time and finding new finds, here are my top five purchases at Amazon this month! My favorite is #2!!!   For the camper in your life. We realized this summer that we never bring a lantern with us. But the propane one is a pain to keep all …

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Sep 26 2018

Change is Happening….

Guys, listen. That stuff they say about what you put out to the universe, you get in return? It’s real. For starters, let’s not call this a midlife crisis since I just turned 40. Let’s call it a midlife awakening. Because there really is no crisis here. Life is pretty peachy. But (there is always …

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Dec 20 2017

This Week, Choose Joy

Are you having the most hectic week of your entire year? 50 weeks culminating to this? No wonder we celebrate the new year! But in the midst of the crazy we always have a choice about how we respond. I know it’s a tough balance between super mom and super-chill mom. I’ve tried  to make …

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Dec 08 2017

Shopping and Saving This Christmas

I’ve got this love hate thing going on with Christmas shopping. I love getting a good deal, but I don’t want to feel like I spent my whole season hunting for the lowest prices. But on the contrary, it’s against my nature to just buy what I need and disregard that it may go on …

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Nov 18 2017

That One Time We Were In a Coffee Commercial

Some people get 15 minutes of fame; I got 15 seconds. Next time Youtube or Facebook stops you with a catchy little ad for Vitacup coffee, you might see me and my family. Earlier this month, through a series of fortunate events, my family was asked to be in a commercial. The basic information given …

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