Let’s Play! Games for Family Fun

I can hardly contain my excitement! I feel like the holidays really begin this weekend. My kids will be out of school, the weather is FINALLY getting a little cooler, and Thursday will be a day full of family time. What better way to gather with our friends and family than over a few games? Nothing says “making memories” like some friendly competition and lots of laughs!

I made a list of some top favorites with options for the crowds with littles and for the more mature audience. All with easy Amazon links so that they will be delivered in time! Let me know which ones you try! Note: Cards Against Humanity did not make the list as a “family-friendly” game but I do love it’s format so I linked it in case you need a mature Christmas gift! (affiliate links included)

KinderPerfect– Inspired by Cards Against Humanity for awesome parents. It’s about kids, designed for parents. It’s designed to be PG-13 so you can actually play this game without worrying so much about the little ears around you.

Catan– My sister’s family played this all summer long and after my 10-year-old son played it for an afternoon, he begged for the game. Part strategy, part chance, this will keep your family entertained!

Wits and Wagers– Fun in teams or individuals, our family loves this game. It’s fun to play with our kids, but would be fun for an adult game night too. You only need good guessing skills to play.

Apples to Apples– Perhaps the cleanest version of a “fill-in the blank” game. This even comes in a junior version so we’ve been playing this with our kids since they were little. Fun with adults too. Perfect for a mixed-age crowd.

Spoons– I had no idea of the fun that would ensue when we got this game. Kids can play on their own but we have fun joining in!

Sorry!– This family classic never gets old in our house. It was an easy game for our youngest to learn when he was around 6 but provides enough suspense to keep the adults interested.

Uno– A classic in our home and an addicting way  for the competitive kids to pass the time.

Catch Phrase– This is easy to play anywhere and adds variety from the typical board game. Great for big groups to play with teams.

TABLETOPICS: Family Gathering cards– Get the party people and the quite ones a chance to chime in. Great to bridge the different age groups in the family.

Mad Libs, Gobble Gobble edition– Keep the kiddos busy with this classic game while they impatiently wait for the turkey to cook.

Hedbanz– Do not be turned off by the silliness that appears on the box. Yes you will look ridiculous, that’s part of the fun. I played this with family that was visiting and we laughed so hard I would suspect someone peed their pants. Great for all ages!

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