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Healthy and tastes good too? Yes please, give me more! This is the stuff that (my) dreams are made of. Marketed more for its taste than its crazy-good-for-you ingredients, their claims do not fall short. Let me tell you about Daily Dose Greens.

Eating well is a passion of mine so I always try to get my daily dose of greens. I love spinach in a smoothie, a kale salad for lunch or Brussels sprouts on my dinner plate. You can probably tell this from my collection of posts and recipes on this blog, But there is no doubt that my days are busy and often, I fall short on getting enough of the good stuff on my plate. Sound familiar to you too?

So plan B. Supplements. If I am going to drink a supplement it has got to be high-quality and taste good. I don’t want a beverage that tastes like grass or is loaded with so much sugar that it negates the good I am trying to do for my body. I have never been happy with a greens supplement so I stopped trying them. Then entered Daily Dose Greens.


If you are simply looking for a beverage that tastes good, here you go. End of story. You can stop reading now, because you have found it. It’s sweet and minty, but neither quality is overbearing. Mixing the powder with cold water is best (duh). The product dissolves really well. I can’t decide if I like to pour in the glass before the water or after — tomatoes, tomatos. Pouring the powder in first gives you a nice little foam on top. It doesn’t really matter though because it doesn’t clump. It does start to settle at the bottom eventually, but a quick stir or just drinking it when you make it remedies that. The directions call for mixing a scoop of the powder into12 ounces of water but I actually prefer about 16-18 ounces of water. It still tastes great and gives me more to enjoy.


It’s incredible that they fit their long list of ingredients into this jar and made it taste so dang good. In a chat with the founder I was assured that there are no fillers or additives in here — just the plants. The founders of Daily Dose Greens have worked for years to ensure that their product features ingredients with integrity. Many of the ingredients are organic. It’s estimated that you are getting about two servings of greens and one of fruits/veggies per serving of Daily Dose Greens.

If you already drink a supplement, I highly recommend that you research the ingredient list. I have learned so much about additives and fillers; some that don’t have to be stated on the labels. You’re trying to be good to your body and could get bamboozled. It’s scary stuff.

How do I feel?

Proof is in the pudding, right? So how do I feel after a week of drinking this daily? I cannot report a magical transformation (and if I did, you’d probably smell the BS), but I can say I feel GOOD! I am so leery of trying supplements because I have a sensitive stomach that gets really angry when it doesn’t agree with what I eat. I had no bloating or gas — my stomach didn’t make a peep. TMI? Too bad. Someone reading this was wondering! I’ve felt like I had more pep in my step this week. I usually hit a midday slump and that hasn’t been the case at all. Directly relatable? I don’t know. But it makes me willing to keep drinking it to find out! Just knowing that I am adding some important nutrients from such a well-made product is success for me!

Who is this for?

It’s for you! While I would like to believe that everyone is looking for ways to live healthier, some may just want this for its yummy taste. But for those who like all the benefits that come with it, this is for you and your kids too! Since it is just the plants — no caffeine or hidden additives — everyone can enjoy it. They have some fun recipes on their website and on their Instagram @dailydosegreens. I can especially see someone who has a job that makes breaking to eat whole food difficult, like law enforcement or hospital staff, really enjoying the benefits of Daily Dose Greens. This is NOT a meal replacement, but will definitely give a boost of nutrients you may be lacking!

Where can you get yours?

I’m so glad you asked! You can try a 7-day sample for $10 by ordering on their website,

This is my Instagram intro to the product. You can follow me @balancingthebusy to find more fun stuff like this!
My taste test!!

I was compensated for trying this product. The opinions stated are honest and my own.

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