Gift Like You Mean It

Gift like you mean itGift like you mean it. Isn’t that a great saying? I discovered a new small business in my neighborhood called Spin that uses the slogan. It got me thinking how some of us have become too busy to put thought behind gifts anymore. It’s so easy to make a quick run through the gift card aisle at Safeway, pick up a shirt while buying groceries at Costco, give some lotion that you really have no idea if they will wear, but YOU like the smell or give a regift of something that wasn’t your style. But in the midst of our busy days, wouldn’t it feel so much better to give (and receive) gifts with thoughtfulness behind them? To know that despite someone’s crazy schedule, you mattered? If someone is worth buying a gift for, aren’t they worth a little thought too? I’m guilty of taking the easy way out too, but it doesn’t feel good when I do. I’m inspired to do more.

What could you do for someone instead? Take ten minutes and a spin on social media. Myself for example: If you see my Instagram or Facebook posts you see that I eat a lot of sushi, a lot of burgers, and drink a lot of Starbucks. I love discovering new food, craft beers, and wine. If you read my blog, you know I love to write, I am very health conscious (when not eating burgers), and love being a mom. You could peruse my Pinterest boards to see that I am a wannabe crafter and diy’er. I love simple stylish outfits and you could get a good idea of what my sense of humor or attitude about life is based on the quotes I post. Now that I have totally freaked myself out with how quickly someone could “get to know” me, do you see where I am going with this? The “perfect” gift could be a journal, a coffee date, a framed quote, a bottle of wine, a colorful piece of jewelry, exercise gear, a lunch date together, any paint, pen, paper, hole-punch from Michael’s…’s easy!

Making thoughtful choices will take extra time in our busy schedules, but they are so much more rewarding. When my daughter was in second grade I knew that her teacher liked wine and enjoyed entertaining so I bought her a set of acrylic wine glasses and a bottle of Elena wine (my daughter’s name) as her end of the year gift. She was thrilled and I felt so good to have hit the spot. I’m sure she got her collection of candles and apple décor so I was happy to change it up and give her something she wanted.

And it doesn’t have to be over the top personal like monogrammed towels. I had four friends having babies within three months of each other. They all got the same thing, but only because I knew it would be useful and fitting for all of them. Diapers, wine (for after the baby was born!), and a unique outfit for each baby (based on their mama’s personalities). Still thoughtful, but simple.

I’ve got two teenage nieces to buy gifts for soon so I took my own advice. They are too cool for Facebook, so I had to hit up their Instagram accounts. I noticed that one often dresses with school spirit so I’m going to find her a shirt, some fun socks or jewelry in that color. And the other, well she is a silly goofball who loves selfies….well that’s just it. A selfie stick. I’m genius. I should do this for a living or something.

I know, I know. We are all stretched for time. But wouldn’t you feel great knowing that someone went to just a little trouble for you, instead of digging through their “extra gift box” for your birthday gift? Mom always said, it’s the thought that counts. Gift like you mean it. It will feel great!


**My new favorite store, Spin, is @ 417 Roseville Square Roseville, CA 95678**






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