A Reminder About What Balance Looks Like

It drives me crazy that no matter how hard I try to balance my busy, writing always gets the shaft. And yet if I had “free time” I would write all day, every day, with a smile on my face. No blogs were completed this week (though they have been started!), but all for a good cause. This week I baked a plethora of Valentine treats for my husband and I to each take to work. I helped the kids hand-make their valentines which turned out quite adorable. And I researched a quick day trip for the hub and I to celebrate 17 years (eek!) together. Not even sure how that’s possible seems how I’m barely days over 30! So while I did not succeed in finishing a masterpiece, my home and heart are still pretty full of love right now. And that’s what this week is about, right? Sometimes balance does not mean getting to do it all. It means prioritizing and doing the most important things. And if you tasted the cookies I made, you definitely would have preferred those over any ditty I might have written! Here are some virtual bites!

White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Blondies

Dipped and Decorated Pretzels

If you need a reminder about realistic expectations and what true love really looks like, enjoy my comical telling of our wedding vow renewal last year: Our Version of Perfect.

Make the most of your long holiday weekend! I hope you make the time to do the things you love!! (small note to self there too!)

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