My Calendar is a Rainbow of Busy!

Gone are the quiet days of winter. It seems when the sun started shining on a regular basis it induced my calendar to bloom just like the weeds all over my yard. Does anyone else have that heavy feeling of a little panic in their chest? I just know I’m going to let something slip, forget a party, a game, something.

Although it just started to feel like spring, summer vacation for the kids starts next month and I need to figure out daycare and summer camps. Which also means I need to plan some camping trips, which should have been done months ago, but I thought I had time!

As if planning for the summer months isn’t enough, just in the next three weeks we’ve got three birthday parties, open house night, a school play, the last skate night, and Kindergarten orientation to fit in the evenings among the kid’s sports practices and games. That’s cool- I’ll write in my sleep I guess…

I also can’t forget that teacher appreciation week is coming up, along with Mother’s Day (yippee), and at some point I need to schedule in a date for my ten year wedding anniversary.

The the end of May marks the time of many graduations, which being blessed with a large family, means that I have eight niece/nephew/cousins to shop for and parties to attend. At least that’s eight I can remember right now. After eight, does it really matter? It all begins to blur…

And to think this is added to the regular personal crap we deal with every day- doctor appointments, work strife, relationship differences, kids testing their boundaries. Thank goodness for Starbucks. And wine. And trash TV for those few rare moments we get to sit down.

I can only imagine the calendars of people who work more hours, have more kids, or are involved in more activities. I have no words of wisdom to make it all go away (and other than coffee, I haven’t figured out how to survive on less sleep.)

But know that we are all in the same boat. We are all living our own crazy. That rude woman who just cut in line ahead of you, the @ss who doesn’t let you over on the freeway, the boss who bites your head off in a meeting- they are all dealing with their own crap and this month, that crazy crap feels like it’s really ramping up.

Go buy yourself a latte (or an extra bottle of booze), schedule some gym time in for yourself, and feel blessed that your crazy calendar means you are alive and have lots of people to love!!

Now more than ever, we are all trying to balance the busy- so make some time to check in with me here every day too! I can’t tell you how much it means that you do!!





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