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Homemade Cleaning Wipes

DIY cleaning wipes

Anyone else feel like they are cleaning their house more than usual? I’m wiping door knobs, refrigerator handles and kitchen counters like mad. This DIY recipe for cleaning wipes has made clean-up so much quicker. And it’s so easy! Materials:1 roll of (quality) paper towels1 air tight jar for towels2 cups distilled water1 cup isopropyl …

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Make-it Monday: Sink Drain Cleaner

sink drain cleaner

Between toothpaste and shaving my kids and husband clog their bathroom sink drains like nobody’s business. Luckily I’ve found an easy and natural way to clean the gunk from the drains. This basic recipe can be adjusted if your drain clog is bigger than usual. If it’s really bad, you can always try the coat …

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Make-it Monday: Carpet Spot Remover

carpet spot remover

Continuing on my kick of natural cleaning, I recently tackled some spots on my carpet that were driving me crazy. In the past when I’ve used store-bought cleaners I’ve made a bigger mess of the spots with the spray than when I started. But knowing it couldn’t be worse than that, I tried this simple …

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Make-it Monday: DIY Soft Scrub

DIY soft scrub

I really had my doubts when I read that I could make a homemade version of soft scrub. But my sink needed a good deep cleaning so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try. Wow. I watched in disbelief as my sink came clean and I wondered why I’d been exposing myself to expensive chemicals …

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Make-it Monday: All Purpose Surface Cleaner

Ingredients for natural all purpose surface cleaner

I love this cleaner for my counters, stove top, kitchen table, etc. Easy peasy ingredients. No chemicals = the kids can do the cleaning! No more ruining nice towels with bleach stains! Through my green-cleaning experiments I’ve lost a few bottles to weird ingredient combos that didn’t sit well with each other. This is my “ah ha” recipe that …

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