Make-it Monday: All Purpose Surface Cleaner

Ingredients for natural all purpose surface cleanerI love this cleaner for my counters, stove top, kitchen table, etc. Easy peasy ingredients. No chemicals = the kids can do the cleaning! No more ruining nice towels with bleach stains! Through my green-cleaning experiments I’ve lost a few bottles to weird ingredient combos that didn’t sit well with each other. This is my “ah ha” recipe that I now can’t live without.

My into to natural cleaning explains the “why” this is how I clean. Now here is the how!

All Purpose Surface Cleaner

1 spray bottle

2 c distilled water
¼ cup castile soap (here; I use peppermint)
1 tsp (20 drops) of essential oil (here; I use lemon or citrus blend and On Guard)


  1. Using the funnel, add ingredients to bottle in the order they are listed.

  2. Gently mix.

I feel like I’m supposed to write 400 more words here, but really, that’s it. Mix it up and get cleaning! I can’t wait to hear what you think!! If you still need those essential oils here is your link to get you started –

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  1. […] cleaner? It’s safe, inexpensive, easy to make, and IT WORKS! You’ll notice it’s similar to my all-purpose surface cleaner recipe.  I don’t use baking soda in my all-purpose surface cleaner because the baking soda left a film […]

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