What Makes You Move?

workout playlist

Give me some good music and I can get almost anything done better, faster, and have way more fun. I can be dragging on the treadmill watching an episode of Law and Order, then I switch to my iPod and I am instantly recharged. I admit that I have caught myself shaking my booty to …

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Breaking New Year’s Resolutions

For someone who doesn’t love steadfast rules, I do like the idea behind New Year’s resolutions. Coming off the crazy busyness of the end of the year, I see January as my month of “rest”. It presents a lull where I have time to reevaluate what is going on in my life and what I …

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Lemonade in February?

homemade lemonade, by the glass

Well fine. If winter is skipping Northern California, I am going to embrace the perpetual spring that we are having here. I saw these glass drinking jars at the Dollar Tree and thought, the question isn’t who needs more glasses, the question is who doesn’t!? Aren’t they cute? So of course I picked up a …

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Recruiting Patriots


I had this great intention of posting about patriotism today. And after writing for way too long, it’s just not coming together. I am frustrated with the politics of this country and there is no politically correct way to say that. There are many things about this country that I treasure, but it has its …

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All You Need is Love

find love

Valentine’s Day seems to be a holiday people either love or they hate.  I happen to have great Valentine memories, so I’m a little partial. But Hallmark holiday or not, there is no reason not to embrace a holiday that celebrates love. I understand why it’s easy to get frustrated with this holiday. If you …

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