Hitting Reset

I came home from work with my head pounding in way that I thought it was going to explode. It was a stress headache (shocker) and no amount of water and Starbucks was making it feel better. Tonight was “gym” night so I switched right into mom-mode and started getting dinner ready. Dinner was in …

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Cooking in Bulk: Your First Step to Freezer Meals

diced chicken

I’ve got plans. Great plans. I’ve pinned 426 different freezer meals and I have the best of intentions to prepare them all and to eat like a king for weeks on end. So I start to make a grocery list. It gets long (and pricey). I start to wonder where it all will go until …

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Easy Chicken Pot Pie

easy pot pie

It’s not very often that you will find me posting a recipe for something without decent nutritional value (these do have the redeeming quality of  lean protein and veggies), so when I do, trust that I find it worthy of the extra calories/fat/less than pure ingredients because I think that it tastes amazing. I’m also …

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Give Yourself a Break

not easy, worth it

I couldn’t find my 5 year old son for about 20 minutes and it was the most frightening, gut-wrenching moment in my life. We were at a family party with a ton of kids playing in the front yard and some parents and teenagers taking watch. Long story short, time had gone by where all …

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Our Version of “Perfect”

renewing vows

Last weekend my husband, Joe, and I renewed our wedding vows. This special mass held each year at our church was the same weekend we were celebrating 16 years together, and later this year we will be married for ten. When we read about it in the church bulletin I was pleased that he was …

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