A Trader Joe’s Favorite- Salted Caramel Yum!

Trader Joe's Salted Carmel Chai

This is my shameless promotion for Trader Joe’s. I’ve got a lot of favorite products there but this is the latest- Salted Caramel Chai Tea Latte.  I don’t do 100% of my shopping at any one store, but I do the majority at Trader Joe’s- especially for my organic produce. The items I tend to …

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Wise Words from Abraham Lincoln

Abe Lincoln, be a good one

Happy Birthday to good Ol’ Honest Abe. Mr. Lincoln is essentially writing my blog for me today, to give us all some food for thought. Times have certainly changed from the 150 years ago when he was our president, but his wise words still hold a lot of value, reminding us of how to live …

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Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide- Grout Cleaner

Baking soda, Hydrogen Peroxide grout cleaner

I love baking soda. I would love to put together a list of all the many ways it can be used around the house, but in an attempt at balance, you’re just getting my latest and greatest use today. I’ve got light colored grout in my kitchen and nothing seemed to clean it. That is, …

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My Annual Bath

I took my annual bath this weekend. Yes, I shower regularly, but a bath is a whole different experience. I put the kids to bed early and sent the hub out with his buddy. Amongst the Disney décor and soggy bath toys, using the only bath in our house, I lit candles around the tub. …

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A Kid at Heart

balancing the busy

Forewarning- a little text heavy today. I had to write this for me as much as I did for you. Thanks for being here! I’m a little bummed. I planned a girl’s night out weeks ago, for tonight, and I just realized that it coincides with the opening day of The Lego Movie (insert dramatic …

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