Lemonade in February?

homemade lemonade, by the glass

Well fine. If winter is skipping Northern California, I am going to embrace the perpetual spring that we are having here. I saw these glass drinking jars at the Dollar Tree and thought, the question isn’t who needs more glasses, the question is who doesn’t!? Aren’t they cute? So of course I picked up a …

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Recruiting Patriots


I had this great intention of posting about patriotism today. And after writing for way too long, it’s just not coming together. I am frustrated with the politics of this country and there is no politically correct way to say that. There are many things about this country that I treasure, but it has its …

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All You Need is Love

find love

Valentine’s Day seems to be a holiday people either love or they hate.  I happen to have great Valentine memories, so I’m a little partial. But Hallmark holiday or not, there is no reason not to embrace a holiday that celebrates love. I understand why it’s easy to get frustrated with this holiday. If you …

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A Trader Joe’s Favorite- Salted Caramel Yum!

Trader Joe's Salted Carmel Chai

This is my shameless promotion for Trader Joe’s. I’ve got a lot of favorite products there but this is the latest- Salted Caramel Chai Tea Latte.  I don’t do 100% of my shopping at any one store, but I do the majority at Trader Joe’s- especially for my organic produce. The items I tend to …

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Wise Words from Abraham Lincoln

Abe Lincoln, be a good one

Happy Birthday to good Ol’ Honest Abe. Mr. Lincoln is essentially writing my blog for me today, to give us all some food for thought. Times have certainly changed from the 150 years ago when he was our president, but his wise words still hold a lot of value, reminding us of how to live …

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