Lemonade in February?

Well fine. If winter is skipping Northern California, I am going to embrace the perpetual spring that we are having here. I saw these glass drinking jars at the Dollar Tree and thought, the question isn’t who needs more glasses, the question is who doesn’t!? Aren’t they cute? So of course I picked up a couple (my husband was thrilled) and had to share with you. I was bummed to see that they weren’t on the Dollar Tree Web site for sale (yes, they have a Web site, who knew?). So I’m not sure that they are available at all stores.

With the warm California sun beaming through my windows, I thought lemonade would be the perfect treat. I had  previously squeezed a bunch of lemons into ice trays to freeze for later, so I put those frozen cubes to use. I’ve never actually made lemonade from scratch, so this was an experiment. After a few tries, this is what I liked. I used agave syrup in one and white sugar in another and really couldn’t tell a difference. I’m new to using agave. It has more calories that white sugar, but it’s supposed to be sweeter (so in theory, you use less). The jury is still out in this house- it’s totally up to your taste buds.

Whether you are sweating out the drought in Cali or have frostbite in the Midwest, summer will hit eventually and I think these cute drinking jars will compliment any backyard BBQ. As for the lemonade- play with the recipe to your liking of tartness or sweet.  I’m going to enjoy my lemon Girl Scout cookies with my lemonade, in my super cute glass, and pray for rain.

homemade lemonade, by the glass

Jen’s Lemonade, by the glass

1/4 cup warm water

3/4 cup cold water

1/3 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

2 ½ Tbsp sugar

Ice as needed

Dissolve the sugar in the warm water. Add the cold water and lemon juice. Top off with ice. Enjoy!

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