Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

This wine bottle tiki torch certainly wasn’t my invention. I’ve seen friends post them to Instagram or Pinterest and finally decided to try it for myself. This project is incredible simple and a great, low-cost alternative to traditional tiki torches. You can use any wine bottle, but I like the idea of using one from a favorite winery or special occasion so that when the wine is gone, you still have a memento.

Materials:wine bottle tiki torch

  • Empty wine bottle (darn, you’re going to have to drink it)
  • 7/16 inch washers (about $1 for 4)
  • Tiki wick replacement (about $2 for 2)
  • Citronella torch fuel
  • Funnel



  • Carefully thread wick through washer hole leaving ¾ of an inch on top
  • Lay wick in funnel to soak as fuel is poured through
  • Fill empty bottle with torch fuel ¾ way full using the funnel
  • Be sure wick is thoroughly soaked
  • Carefully remove funnel and insert wick into bottle
  • Light wick and enjoy a mosquito free evening!



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