Things I’m Buying Right Now: 11/3/17

Hey there Balancing the Busy readers! With Christmas less than 2 months away I’m busy combing through deals on the daily to save this year. When I

find good ones to share I will post here (especially as it gets closer to Black Friday)! Consider me your own, personal elf! To be sure that you don’t miss these posts because sometimes Facebook logic of who sees what is silly, sign up for my emails! You will never be spammed and you know I don’t post THAT often! πŸ™‚ You can do this on the website look on the right side of the homepage!


So onto the deals!

  1. Amazon Prime customers listen up. They are selling sample boxes for $8-$20 and giving you a coupon for the same amount on a future purchase of a full size item from the box. They’ve got a variety of things from coffee, cosmetics, and nutrition supplements.Β  I’m thinking stocking stuffers!? Check them out!
    Women’s Daily Beauty Box $11.99
    Nutrition and Wellness Sample Box $9.99
    Men’s Grooming Sample Box $9.99
    Aveeno Sample Box $7.99
    K-Cups Coffee Sample Box $7.99
  2. I’m apparently on a stocking stuffer kick. Which is good because I always save that for last and sometimes it’s the hardest part. Ulta is killing it with a few deals right now. Mini name-brand hairsprays and dry shampoo for $3. And I know we get enough junk email as it is, but Ulta’s are worth getting. They are constantly sending out “free with purchase” or 20% everything coupons. I never shop here unless it’s a deal because they always have some kind of special going on. And Hot Tools, my brand of choice for curling irons, is offering a deal that if you spend $39.99 you get another free styling tool (flat iron, curling iron or crimper) for FREE. Two Christmas gifts for the price of ONE! Free shipping on orders of $35 or more. A few things for them, a few things for me. Not hard to reach at all…..
    SEXY HAIR Travel Size Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray $3.00 ( a variety of full size for $9.99 too!)
    TIGI Travel Size Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray $3.00 (full size is on sale for $9.99!)
    TIGI Travel Size Small Talk $3.00 (full size also on sale for just $9.99)
    TIGI Travel Size Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo $3.00
    Hot Tools deal
  3. Bath and Body Works. They will have sales and specials until Christmas so if it’s not on sale today, just wait because it will be! They are great at sending out coupons in the mail or giving them with a purchase. These are a great value so don’t toss them. Ending TODAY, all holiday handsoaps are $3. Paired with a cute kitchen or bath towel makes an easy gift! Three wick candles are also $10 off. Beware, this is NOT the lowest price of the season on candles, but if you have a coupon, go for it. The store goes mad when they are priced the lowest and personally that line is not worth the wait!
  4. Last but not least, my new scarf. So I was in Walmart, not my favorite store, but there nonetheless, when I walked by this darling scarf. $11? Sure, ok! They had a ton of cute ones, but nobody questions just an extra $11 on the receipt. πŸ˜‰ Guys- no joke, a week later Stitch Fix sent me almost the For $38. Yeah I sent that right back because my accessories should not cost more than my sweater! Unless it’s a diamond necklace, but I digress. Take a spin around their website and look at all the cute ones they have! I promise I won’t tell anyone where you bought them. Tell people it was a cute little boutique….they’ll never know the difference! I couldn’t find the exact one I bought online but these may be added to my collection soon!



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