Five things I am loving right now

Yay! It’s finally fall! Pumpkin Spice Cheerios are a hot commodity in this house and there is something cinnamon scented in every room. Here are a few things I’m starting the season with and loving right now.

  1. If you know me, you know that other than coffee and the occasional adult beverage, I only drink water. All day, all night, just water. I would

    The Lifetime Chocolate Whey Protein is my favorite!

    never consider drinking a protein shake. So many are filled with ingredients I can’t pronounce and I just never understood the benefit. Until I joined a new gym. And what the trainer told me made sense. The things I’d been doing to get more lean, tone, etc. weren’t working so I said, Fine! I’ll try your way. While I still wouldn’t normally pick up a product with stevia (just my own personal bias), I have fallen hook, line and sinker for the Life Time Fitness Grass Fed Whey Protein shake. Vanilla is tasty, but the chocolate is amazing. And not only do they taste good, but I honestly think they are helping me with my goals.

  2. Have you all heard of “Living in Yellow” and I am the last to know?? Oh my gosh, follow her on Facebook right now (when you’re done reading this)! Her blog and Facebook premise is showing cute new clothes, where to buy them, when they’re on sale, how to wear them, etc. If you need help with styling or knowing where to shop for clothes, look no further. Warning though, she is costing me a lot of money so browse wisely!
  3. My new mantel. Can we all just take a minute to love these fall colors? Before it was just a wall of bricks. I’m still debating if we are going to add the corbels (weigh in please!). If we don’t I think we need to lower it a bit. But ahhh,

    I love fall!

    I’m in love. It’s just what this wall needed! Find it here at Wayfair. And thank you to my neighbor who found it first. I’m a total copycat and a-ok with that.

  4. These “healthy” chocolate peanut butter bars are my go-to for anything sweet right now. They are not hard to make and the ingredients are healthy, albeit heavy on the fat. But it’s good fat, right? I use less chocolate than this recipe (like half a bag of dark chocolate chips), natural peanut butter (ie: no added sugar), and I keep them in the freezer because they are so yummy cold. Don’t balk at the coconut flour; they sell it in the bulk section so you only need to buy what you need. And there is zero coconut flavor. It’s like a grown-up Reese’s, without the guilt. You’re welcome.
  5. Just like the trees lose their leaves, I lose any tan I may have had. Though these days I’ve been pretty responsible with sun block, so my go-to fake tan year round is Xen-Tan Fresh Tanning Mouse. I have tried

    Cause I feel better tan!

    multiple brands and this is definitely my favorite. I first got it in May and a bottle lasted me about 4 months if using it semi-regularly. Call it vanity, whatever. I like to be tan. It gives a fresh tan color without looking orange or way too dark for the season.

How are you bringing in the season? Any great finds?  Share them here!! Maybe fall isn’t your season and you’re ready for winter? It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, so check out my three things to do this month for a less stressful holiday season!Three things you can do in October for a less stressful Christmas

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