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My Advice to Graduates: You are going to screw up and other words of wisdom

The countdown to graduation is almost complete for one of my nephews and some of my nieces and cousins. I’ve watched these young people grow from toddling rascals to self-sufficient adults in a blink of an eye. Really, where does the time go? I’m sure their parents are wondering the same thing. Somewhere in between …

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Gifts for the Grad: Fun ways to give cash and other gift ideas

Graduation Gift Ideas

The school year is commencing and graduations are near. Students are throwing their mortarboards and will be ready to party. You want to give a gift that says I’m proud of you, way to go, and good luck with your future. They want cash. So here are some creative ways to hand over that cash, …

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My Calendar is a Rainbow of Busy!

Gone are the quiet days of winter. It seems when the sun started shining on a regular basis it induced my calendar to bloom just like the weeds all over my yard. Does anyone else have that heavy feeling of a little panic in their chest? I just know I’m going to let something slip, …

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