Gifts for the Grad: Fun ways to give cash and other gift ideas

Graduation Gift IdeasThe school year is commencing and graduations are near. Students are throwing their mortarboards and will be ready to party. You want to give a gift that says I’m proud of you, way to go, and good luck with your future. They want cash. So here are some creative ways to hand over that cash, and some non-monetary gifts that will make the day special too.

I for one, don’t like giving cash because it seems impersonal. But if that’s what they really want, I like to make them work for it.

  • Candy jar- Use a mason jar or jelly jar and insert an empty toilet paper roll (see picture). A rounded and taped piece of cardstock paper works too. Fill the area surrounded the jar with school colored candy and hide the cash inside the TP roll. I can’t wait to see my nephew open his gift thinking I just gave him a bunch of Reese’s pieces.
  • Balloons in a box- If my cousin thinks he’s going to just pocket a $20 bill and be done with my gift, he is in for a surprise. He’s going to have fun opening it and this gift won’t be forgotten, that’s for sure. Gather the cash you are giving, preferably small bills unless you are loaded, insert them into balloons and blow them up. Then find a box big enough to hold them and wrap it up. For one, the graduate will likely think you got him a box filled with air (you kind of did I guess!). They will have to pop each balloon to receive their gift. Balloons can also be filled with confetti or inspirational quotes to add to the fun. I’m sorry there isn’t a completed picture of this one but I learned the hard way that water balloons are too hard to blow up. Buy regular balloons!
  • Messaging- To prolong the gift opening and appreciation a tad bit longer, write messages on the dollar bills for the graduate. Inspirational quotes, funny sayings, personalized to make the gift extra special.

If you want something more tangible for your graduate to remember their day, here are some more ideas.

  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss- this is a great book that sends a powerful message to graduates about the future that lies ahead.
  • Makeup bag- A makeup bag filled with travel size goodies is a great gift for a grad going on a summer trip. I found some in school colors for my nieces entering high school. These will be perfect for their backpacks or P.E. lockers.
  • Beach towel- Another great gift that lasts a long time and will be used all summer long.
  • A picture memory book- Many photo web sites like Shutterfly and Walgreens have deals this time of year on these. A photo book can be special for the grad to capture their high school memories. These are also great for the students that are going away to college to take a little memory of home with them.
  • Videos- if you are technically inclined, a video of that memory book set to a popular song can be a thoughtful gesture to say happy graduation.


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