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People to Thank This Season – Printable Included!

Whether you’re feeling grinchy or full of holiday cheer, this season can be stressful. I find the best way to refocus is by practicing gratitude. It’s not hard to do, just sometimes hard to remember. So here are some reminders of who might deserve some thanks this season. Delivery Drivers- The mail came at 7:30 …

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Shopping Small this Season

This is my FAVORITE time of year and no pandemic is gonna shut down my celebrating! So where are you doing your Christmas shopping? Are you shopping small? I, probably like you, frequent the easy-to-buy-from Amazon and Target. Just a few clicks, they already know your credit card number, it’s tempting, I know. But this …

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Gift Like You Mean It

Gift like you mean it. Isn’t that a great saying? I discovered a new small business in my neighborhood called Spin that uses the slogan. It got me thinking how some of us have become too busy to put thought behind gifts anymore. It’s so easy to make a quick run through the gift card …

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