People to Thank This Season – Printable Included!

Whether you’re feeling grinchy or full of holiday cheer, this season can be stressful. I find the best way to refocus is by practicing gratitude. It’s not hard to do, just sometimes hard to remember. So here are some reminders of who might deserve some thanks this season.

Delivery Drivers- The mail came at 7:30 am yesterday. I’ve gotten deliveries as late as 9 pm. This has been a busy year for delivery drivers but this season is no joke. I’ve gotten thank you notes written on old receipts and so much heartfelt gratitude for having a box of treats out each year. A little snack goes a long way. I already made your sign for you!

Teachers and school admin- This year. WTH? Nobody became a teacher so they could work from home. A note of thanks and encouragement, a coffee gift card or a bottle of vodka might be nice!

Your spouse- You guys deserve a date night. A real one. Not the kind where you put the kids to bed and go to sleep watching movies on the couch (that’s not just me, right?). A real, get away from home and reconnect. Maybe say thanks for meaning “in good times AND bad” during this insane year. This season is busy. Better to be on the same team from the get-go. It’s so much more fun that way!

Your friends- Who has been your person this year? Who listened to you whine about distance learning, working from home in a full house…no wait, WHO brought you toilet paper when you had none? A sincere thank you letting them know just how much you treasure them (and their paper goods) will mean a lot.

Anyone of service to you- Some people like your hair stylist or restaurant server have had their income severely impacted this year. Others like your doctors and grocery workers have been essential and worked under stressful circumstances. Whether it’s a monetary thank you or a genuine, look-em-in-the-eye “thank you,” it will be appreciated.

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