Spring Crafts with the Kiddos

The rain has kept us indoors but I’ve had fun with my kiddos creating all sorts of artsy masterpieces. My son only wants to draw ninjas but my daughter is much easier to persuade to craft with me. I’m turning her into a Pinterest fanatic already. We made some cute hair ribbons, jelly bean bracelets, and butterfly snack clips for their lunches.

Butterfly Snack Clips

I can’t wait to brighten up the kid’s lunch boxes with these. They didn’t know why they were coloring the clothes pins, so they will enjoy this surprise!

Butterfly Snack Clips from www.balancingthebusy.comHair Ribbon

Inspired by My Frugal Adventures
I think these would be cute in school colors, for Spring pictures, or to compliment a new Easter outfit.

Jelly Bean Bracelet

Inspired By Spoonful
Yes, I was the one who just wrote an entire post about candy-free Easter ideas, but I think this is a fun treat! Everything in moderation, right?
Note: this was super sticky and pretty hard for my 8 year old to do without breaking the jelly beans. Maybe colored marshmallows instead?

Candy Bracelet-  it would be easier for kids to do this with colored marshmallows (from www.balancingthebusy,com)Here are some more crafts I can’t wait to try:

Easter Bunny Bait
My kids put out reindeer food like this at Christmas. I never thought of bunny bait, this is great!

I’m wondering if you could spell “winter” on the other side to make this more dual purpose?

DIY Shabby Chic Wreath
The possibilities are endless here- I’m thinking one for every season!

Magic Balloon Treats
This could very well be more of a “Jentry”- I can imagine I will be a gluey mess- but maybe I will get lucky and it will turn out!


Whether you are stuck inside with allergies or because of the weather, have fun creating your own works of art!





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