Sex- The Answer to a Happier Holiday Season

Happier holiday season

Originally posted 12/5/2014.

How do you have a happier holiday season? Have more sex.

Want to hear my (somewhat supported) scientific reasoning? Here you go. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we eat like crap. We enjoy glutinous meals where often the veggies are candied or covered in gravy. We attend holiday dinners and parties where we eat our daily calories and fat just by snacking on the glorious appetizers. And alcohol, well consider that a staple in your diet this month (fruit food group perhaps?). We are blessed to have gatherings with friends where the liquor flows freely and sometimes it’s just what you need to get through crazy family gatherings or to unwind from the pressures of this busy month. So yeah, you’re getting pudgy. We could refrain from the festivities, but that doesn’t sound very festive….

I bet we’d feel a lot better if we went to the gym. But it’s COLD outside and I do not want to leave my house in the rain after I just fought mall crowds or sat in commuter traffic. Besides, I don’t have an extra hour or two to spare these days. I’ve had a tree for 5 days now and the only thing hanging from it is the tag from the tree lot. I have decorating, and baking, and crafting, and shopping to do- not to mention all the gatherings (with the yummy food) to attend. So no, totally not going to the gym. Are you with me here?

So now you feel gross because you are eating like a hoarder. You feel bad about yourself because you aren’t exercising. You are tired, part because of the eating, the busy, and the no exercising. Now you’re getting a little pissy, maybe even a little depressed, because you are so busy that you don’t have time to do it all. You feel gross, you’re exhausted, and grouchy. Awesome. Happy freakin’ holidays!!

To feel better you need a source of pleasure to release endorphins, the neurotransmitters that deliver our feelings of contentment and happiness. They also numb the pain of physical and emotional stress. Bringing it all back around to sex. You could, of course, get endorphins from eating a chili pepper (weird), exercising (already ruled that out) or having a good laugh (hopefully not from the sex). But, sex produces more endorphins than all of these things (I read it on the internet, so it must be true). And really, who wouldn’t want that to be true? I’m no expert here. I can’t say just how much time you need for pillow talk, foreplay, or time between the sheets. I say you’ve got to do what works for you. Throw in a little eye contact, some skin to skin time, and not only will that endorphin rush hit you like a good buzz, but you are likely going to feel more connected to your spouse this month. Instead of the snappy grouchy moods, your days will be filled with more playful grins and memories of the night before.

Personally, if I had the choice of finding my happy place by giving up deliciously rich foods and alcohol, going to the gym more, or making time for hanky panky, I clearly know which one I’d pick. I mean, come on- you’re already getting undressed for the shower or to change into pajamas- what’s a few (?) more minutes? You were going to lay awake making plans for your elf or mentally checking off the gifts you’ve bought anyway. Heck, you might even sleep better now! The rush and busy of this month isn’t going to change. But if I can feel warm and fuzzy about my husband, feel like I have a partner to manage this hectic schedule with, I’ll take it!

And maybe, just maybe, the naked part of this might guide you to want to eat a little better (at least some veggies not covered in goo) and subconsciously encourage you to go to the gym to feel sexier, stronger, whatever, between the sheets.

I really don’t see the down side of my plan.

You’re welcome.

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