No Epiphany Today- Just Balancing My Busy

If only we didn't need sleep...Hi y’all! Oh how I miss you! I miss writing the ideas brewing in my head and hearing your thoughts about them! I have a couple of great how-to posts in the works but time is a precious commodity these days, more so than usual, and so they wait in my brain until I can sit down and get them all out.

So today, I’m sorry. I have no words of wisdom, no funny anecdotes. I have been too busy trying to balance my busy. I am living in a sea of cardboard (moving boxes), dealing with the family emotions (mainly mine) of leaving what we have known as home for six years, among other things like scheduling surgery (with a surgeon’s office that lacks serious communication skills- why is nothing easy?), planning vacations (our bright spot) and preparing for a new school year. Oh yeah, and trying to enjoy summer!!!

We spent Saturday afternoon by the pool together as a family enjoying one last pool day. Slips down the slide (even us parents!), cannonball contests, and just floating on the rafts. Then tonight during writing time I had one last opportunity to enjoy our spa with my hub and I took it. Of course we spent the time talking about our busy but something about the warm water and bubbles made it all seem easier to deal with.

Next week I will be writing to you from my new digs. I’m happy to say that I’m excited! I will still be in a sea of cardboard, but on a much different path. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Of course I can’t leave without some thought, so it is this. Today, let yourself off the hook for something that can wait. Which is mostly everything. Do you normally handle calls while driving to/from work? Unplug that bluetooth and turn up the music. Can you extend a deadline at work, order out for dinner, leave the dishes until tomorrow? Whatever it is- let yourself go enjoy something (a sunset, a beer, a snuggle, a tv show- whatever your indulgence) instead of busying yourself with the have-to’s. If I am learning anything about this busy lately it is that the only thing that helps me keep my head above water are those sweet spots. Life is short- enjoy today!

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