Doing that Balance Thing

Hi there! Remember me? Yeah, I took a bit of a hiatus but I promise I had good reason. Depending on how you look at it, I’ve either been doing a great job at balancing my busy, or not. There are just so many hours in a day. After our move, I worked hard to get us put away and comfortable in our new home before school and soccer season began. Once I got that done I had surgery to repair torn cartilage in my hip. So much for trying to exercise to be healthy. It kept me from running for four months and now an additional few more months until I am completely healed. The time off of work was a nice break to work on healing along with just wrapping my head around all of our big changes. But I have missed you and it feels good to put time back on the schedule for writing. So here I am. And I have lots planned. So sign up to receive an email when I post (I promise your email isn’t shared with ANYONE!). There is a space for that on the right side of the web site. If you like the Facebook updates you need to “like” the posts to have them continue to show up in your newsfeed. It’s one of Facebook’s quirks. So don’t be shy, like away. Maybe even leave a comment or two. I love the feedback. If you really like it, please share it. This life thing is crazy busy and sometimes really hard. It feels good that we have each other, doesn’t it?

I can’t say it enough- thanks for showing up. Thanks for reading. Good luck on balancing your busy!

***Stay tuned this week for the details of selling my home and making changes for a new, better way of living.***

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