My Top 10 Favorite Scary Movies

Today is Friday the 13th and what makes it even creepier, is that we are expecting a full moon tonight. The last time the two will coincide for 30 years. So if you are going out tonight, beware of the werewolves lurking in dark corners. If you don’t want to risk it, I suggest you stay inside, lock the doors, and watch one of these great scary movies. And if by chance the phone rings and nobody is on the other line, or the bad guy gets in and chases you, PLEASE do not run UP the stairs!! Other than that, happy Friday!

My Top 10 Scary Movies (in no particular order)Top 10 scary movies

Final Destination series– Five of these were made but I think the first three were best. Although if you are vacationing at a theme park this summer, watching #3, a roller coaster ride go horribly wrong, might not be a great idea. The second one has my favorite horror movie scene of all time. Watch for the barbed wire is all I will say. What I love about these movies is that it makes you really think about how things work out in your own life. That crazy morning you are running late and then find that you would have been part of a huge pileup on the freeway if you had left on time…

The Grudge– Again, they couldn’t leave a good thing alone and made more than one. I only saw the first and it was creepy enough that I wouldn’t watch it again.

Halloween– An oldie but a goody. I prefer the original, but no matter how stupid it seems that Michael Myers keeps coming back to life, the suspense makes my heart race every time.

The Ring– You watch a creepy VHS movie, the phone rings and says seven days….what will happen next? No gore but lots of hold your breath kind of suspense. It freaks me out every time.

The Shining– There is a newer remake of this one, both are scary as heck. But nobody can match Jack Nicholson’s original “Heeeere’s Johnny!”.

Hostel– Planning to stay in hostels in a foreign country? Skip this one. Ready for a little “sick and twisted”? Then this is for you.

Saw– I can’t pick a favorite. They are all equally chilling. It’s been referred to as “torture porn,” much like Hostel in that respect.

Seven– Brad Pitt hunts for a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his M.O. Disturbing, thrilling,and a bit depressing but Brad Pitt in his prime is worth a watch.

Copycat– A great crime/drama thriller about a serial killer becoming famous copying methods of other serial killers.

Paranormal Activity– I love the idea of encountering a ghost, but this takes it past my comfort zone. If you have any belief in this kind of thing, you might have a tough time getting to sleep tonight. If you really love this stuff, I think they made five of these.




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