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I love reading!Never did I imagine that I would be clambering to finish one historical novel to move on to another. My reading style used to be murder/mystery with a side of romance. But I picked up The Other Boleyn Girl at a used book store last year and ever since, I cannot get enough of these books by Philippa Gregory. Her books cover a 500 year span of England’s history, though many concentrate on the 16th century. I had no idea that the history of the royal monarchy was so dramatic and entertaining. These novels are based on fact, though much fiction makes up the missing pieces. She writes a series about the Tudor family, more familiar to most would be the infamous King Henry VIII and his many wives, including Anne Boleyn. The other series of stories she has written take place before that time, called the Cousins’ War Series and this is from which I just finished The White Queen. The ambition, the deceit, the scheming……as a reader you really never know what is going to happen next. Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying these so much, they lack any predictability. At least the ones I have read so far. And last night’s ending was such a cliff hanger that I’m going to be racing to the library (after a few more cups of coffee) to get the next one.

If you like to read, if you have any interest in history, and you like a great story, I highly recommend you give this author a try.

Phillipa Gregory- great author!


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