It’s Finally Friday

finally fridayIt has been an intense week. I don’t know about you, but I need some fun to help snap me out of this funk. It’s Friday and I just want to make it through this busy day so that I can start my weekend. Need a better reason to smile? Try something below. We could all use a good laugh!

Change Your Tune
Turn off your regularly scheduled Pandora station to listen to a comedy station. Give yourself a few minutes with Jim Gaffigan and you’ll laugh again. “Gaffigan”- “laughigan”. Get it, it rhymes? Nevermind. That was funnier in my head- I’ll leave the jokes to Jim.

Nothing says adios to the workweek like pizza and beer with good friends (that’s what I’m doing tonight). But whatever your food/cocktail of choice, invite your friends to join you. The saying is “the more the merrier” for a reason!

Spend Time with a Kid
Just don’t be the weird lurker at the park without kids. If you don’t have your own, borrow a niece/nephew, grandchild, or neighbor and let them have center stage. It is amazing what comes out of the mouth of a child when someone stops to actually listen. Just like the AT & T commercials, they will say random stuff that makes you shake your head. You can’t help but crack a smile.

Hang with the Class Clown
I’ve got a girl that I work with who I go to when I need a laugh. She’s got a quick witted sense of humor and always makes me smile. Find your person like that. Spend five minutes chatting. Their smiles and laughter will be infectious.

Double Dog Dare You
Have the day off and out running errands? The next time a stranger starts talking to you when you are alone (the store, gas station, etc.), look at them shocked and say, “you can see me?” Their reaction will be priceless. I wish I could be there to watch!

Office Fun
I was prepared to list a variety of fun “games” to play at work to liven up your cubical hell. But this article did such an amazing job coming up with five creative ideas, I’ll just let you read it instead. But seriously- read it. These are great!

 Happy Friday! Have an awesome weekend my awesome readers!!

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