Fun Food Ideas for April Fool’s Day

Fun Food for April Fool's

I have to admit that I don’t love April Fool’s Day. Vaseline on door knobs, hair gel instead of hand soap, cream cheese replacing white deodorant, or plastic wrap over a toilet sounds like a real bummer, not a funny joke (If you disagree than I just gave you some good ideas).  But it IS a great opportunity to be the “fun mom” for once, instead of the practical one. So to add some fun into our usual practical meal time, I cooked up a few surprises for my family. These were safe, weren’t going to embarrass or hurt anyone, but got a good laugh.


The first was for my husband, I packed him a special sushi lunch.

April Fool's SushiThis was made with rice krispy treats that I made thin and worked with while they were still soft. I raided the bulk candy aisle at the grocery store and found colored gummies that would look like raw fish when split in half. The “seaweed” is made from fruit roll ups and the wasabi and ginger is melted taffy.

Then for dinner I served up French fries and cupcakes to my kiddos. Boy were they bummed when they found out it was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and breadsticks with jam.

April Fool's DinnerI baked the meatloaf in cupcake tins and added food coloring to the mashed potatoes. The breadsticks were from a Pillsbury can. After I cut them into “fry size” I rolled them in sugar to look like salt. The ketchup is just strawberry jam.

 I like these other ideas too:

Grilled Cheese (sponge cake with frosting)

Jiggly Juice

April Fool’s Lunch Packaging
I can’t wait to try this one. My kids will either be horrified or thrilled when they see the packaging.

Have fun!!!

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