Another Season of Busy

Anyone else feeling the crazies set in of school and after-school activities beginning? Oh sure. I could be a sane mother who lets their kid participate in just one activity at a time. But oh no, I said yes to four dance classes and soccer for both kids. My neighbor is letting her son play THREE sports this season so I guess the crazies are catching around here. It would not be possible if I didn’t work part-time and if my husband didn’t have a flexible, albeit busy, job. We arranged our jobs to help our kids have experiences. But at what price?

We already forgot a kid. Yep. Second week into the season of blur and our miscommunication left my daughter at youth group. With no phone. There was a bit of panic and a lot of grace around here. Mama bear wanted to roar, but I realized that I could have just as easily made the mistake. Ask my kids how many birthday party times I’ve gotten wrong. Yeah, it’s happened more than once. So we chalked it up to a big lesson of needing better and repetitive communication. But oh, the guilt.

If we could just stick to the schedule people. I have crafted a color coded calendar of each typical day to manage times and who is dropping off/picking up. But it is not flawless because back-to-school nights or hair appointments happen, or God forbid we get sick, and it all goes haywire.

I just watched Bad Moms for the first time a few weeks ago (I know, I’m way late to the party). But it couldn’t have come at a better time. We all need affirming that we are doing a dang good job, even when your daughter yells at you for not signing a permission slip yet because “you’ve been home all night, what have you been doing!?” After I put my eyeballs back into my head and clean up my bloody tongue, I am content with my level of mothering for the day. I mean I only worked, made dinner, attended back-to-school night, helped your brother with a project and planned our Thanksgiving vacation that we are so desperately going to need. You’re right, silly me, I’ll get right on that kid.

Worth mentioning is that the calendar DOES also include church and exercise times scheduled in. I’m considering scheduling more personal things too- I mean really- it sounds terrible but let’s be real. If you always knew Tuesday was the night, you might plan your day better to not be exhausted by 9:00. I have stocked my freezer full of meals in preparation for this season but now I don’t want to eat them because then I’ll have to do it again! Crazy logic. So yes, after those are gone, some nights may be cereal for dinner. And my kids are going to survive just fine. Birthday gifts may be gift cards instead of thoughtful treasures I searched hours for. Also ok. As long as the rest of my expectations for this season are reasonable, we will be just fine. And I expect we’ll be making some great memories too! I strive for my kids to remember a happy mom, not a cranky, stressed-out one (and yes, this is a constant daily battle).

This weekend I am attending the Propel Women’s Conference. I don’t normally do these things with ease on my own. A room of 2,000 strangers who all must have it more together than me or jump into a pit of snakes….hmmm? But when I read the conference description, “It’s time to propel forward. God wants you walking in your purpose, fulfilling all the potential he’s placed inside you. He wants you activated, living fully alive to what he’s called you to do. He wants you living on point. On mission. Every. Single. Day. And propel women will show you how,” I said, “OK!” and bought my ticket on the spot. Because again, let’s be real, will there ever be a season where we “have time” for ourselves? Well I won’t because I schedule EVERYTHING else possible first. So in the midst of my blur, I am thrilled to make this time for me. And in between waiting for practices or dance classes, I will squeeze in the reading, the thoughtfulness, the time, for ME. When I reminded my husband about the conference and that I will be gone ALL day Saturday he shrugged and said, “ok.” Thank you husband for never questioning my desire for growth and needing the time for it. You’re awesome.

Hang in there parents. You’re doing great. Your kids think you’re the best. Even the teenagers, I promise. And in case you need a goal, Thanksgiving break is just 12 weeks away. You’ve got this.




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