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Hi there! Welcome to Balancing the Busy. Thanks for stopping by!

Don’t you love when you search the Web for a recipe, how-to project, or maybe a new vacation spot- and you find the Web site you hit has oodles of ideas for you to browse through? Me too! But those folks have been at this blogging business for a while. You will notice the cupboards are a little baron here. Ok, this is the first post, so, well, they are empty.

So please be patient. Check back often! (If you need something to do now, check out my Pinterest boards!) I intend to fill my corner of the blogging world with information worth your while- trying to help you find some balance in your busy. I value the time you will take to read my posts. If you find it’s not for you, maybe you could do me the favor of passing it on to someone else who might enjoy it.

I am extremely passionate and excited about starting this blog. Writing has always been an outlet for my creative energy and it feels great to finally share some of it with you. I’m sure it will evolve, as do most ventures in life. Though I can only imagine it getting better from here. If you want to learn a bit about who is in front of the keyboard, my bio will give you a little insight about me and this blog.

I would love feedback on topic ideas, so don’t be shy. Email me at with what you like to know, see, read more of.

Thanks again for showing up. I look forward to having you back soon!

Mistakes, new beginnings


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