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exercise, 30 minutes a dayHealth experts agree that 30 minutes of exercise each day is good for the heart, improves moods, and promotes overall good health. Everyone else says, yeah, when do I fit that into my day!?

Nutrition and fitness are a big part of my life, but even so, it’s easier said than done. Between work, kids, meals, and errands, I’m lucky to fit in sleep (more on that another time). But, it CAN be done, so as a resolution for the New Year, I’m going to make this happen.

I sat down to brainstorm ways do this. The list I made had to be practical. Exercising at 4:00 a.m.? Not unless I’m sleep walking. Parking far away from the grocery store entrance while hauling kids across the parking lot? Not a chance. I also wanted to think beyond some basic suggestions I’ve heard and try to make this challenge fun.

First thing on my list? Rollerblading. Yes, I’m serious. I bought my daughter in-line skates for Christmas which reminded me that I had some stuffed away in a closet. I dusted them off and literally had to wipe a dead spider out of one. But I put them on and shakily, yet bravely, took a spin around the driveway. My daughter loved that I joined her in this new pastime and I worked some muscles that hadn’t been used in a while.

Video games like the “Just Dance” series can be a fun way to get the whole family involved. Though, my confession, I did this after the kids went to bed the other night and even by myself, it was so much fun!

Telling my family that I am doing this has helped me stay on track. When my daughter asks me if I’ve gotten in my 30 minutes today, I feel that twinge of guilt when I haven’t. The whole family is more active because we have started doing these things together.

My favorite idea on this list is trading in happy hour for a walk at the lake. My girlfriend and I used to meet over cocktails to catch up with each other. Recently she suggested we meet at the lake nearby since it is the halfway point between our homes. We spent over an hour on the trails walking and talking the time away. Not only did I save the calories and cash from skipping happy hour, but it was a great way to make time for my friend and exercise, all in one.

I tried to think of more ideas where I could combine exercise with activities I am already doing. This includes doing workouts I have found in magazines during my evening TV time and making use of my kid’s sports practices by walking or running during the hour I am waiting there. Now that I am in this mindset of fitting in 30 minutes of exercise each day, I hope to find more of these combo activities.

I want to share my list with you and perhaps you will be inspired to make your own. There may be suggestions that aren’t your style and that’s ok. But if there are a few things that make you pause and think, well, maybe I can do that, keep those on your list and give them a try!

If you have any creative ideas, please share in the comments below!

***Seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition, before undertaking any diet, exercise, other health program.

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