10 Easy Ways to Give Your Home an Instant Face Lift

10 Easy Ways to Give Your Home an Instant Face LiftHome projects can be overwhelming and we often put them off to deal with more pressing issues. But imagine if you decided to move and now needed to repair that hole that has been behind the door for years, or finally touch up paint all of those spots you missed two years ago. Would it bother you that you are doing a bunch of work for someone else to enjoy? Or how frustrating to have to finally clean out your closet and have it beautifully organized, just in time to have to leave it? So I put together a list of 10 inexpensive ($50 and under), one day or less projects that you can do to spruce up your home right now.


  1. Buy a new doormat, throw pillows, or entry rug. Are your couches lacking a little pizzazz? Have you been staring at the same grease stain on your rug for the last year? Go buy a few pieces to add some color and life back into your space.
  2. Paint your front door. Painting an entire house can be costly and overwhelming, but often times you can change the color of your door and drastically add some extra curb appeal.
  3. Plant some flowers. Yes, annuals die at the end of the season, but they are so pretty. Don’t wait until you are staging your home to decide to add some color. Treat yourself to a planter full of pansies or petunias.
  4. Clean out your files. How many manuals do you have for small appliances that are long gone or tax files from the 1990’s? I give you permission to LET GO. It not only frees up space in your cabinets but gives you the satisfaction of organization.
  5. Clear out kid clutter. Can we just all agree to put a ban on goody bag junk right now? Take a trash bag and find every loose crayon, torn art project, and cheap vending machine toy and toss them. Chances are the kids won’t miss them.
  6. Clear YOUR clutter. Take a look at your kitchen counters. Are there appliances that could go in the cabinets? Are there extra canisters collecting dust? How about your mail- is it taking over a corner of your counter tops? How about your book cases, or even your walls- are there out of date knick-knacks or pictures that could be arranged in a less cluttered way? Take inventory and think about how it would look in your perfect world. Then tackle each area and de-clutter.
  7. Clean your baseboards, fan blades, and oh my gosh, in my house, the air return vents. The dust that we ignore is thick and icky and your space will be so refreshed when it’s gone.
  8. Wash your cabinets. I remember the days of watching my mom go to town on our old cabinets with Liquid Gold. It stunk up the kitchen but also gave them a little extra life. Whether you use polish or just soap and water, wiping down your cabinets will probably gross you out, but leave you with a much cleaner kitchen.
  9. Buy a new toilet seat. They get dingy, they get worn, and your rear deserves it.
  10. If it’s broken, fix it! That missing light switch cover, the faucet that only sprays cold, the cabinet door that is missing a hinge….those easy but when all added up are cumbersome, jobs that you’ve been meaning to get to. Make a list of supplies, visit the hardware store, and get moving.


Then sit back and enjoy your refreshed living space!

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