This Week, Choose Joy

Are you having the most hectic week of your entire year? 50 weeks culminating to this? No wonder we celebrate the new year! But in the midst of the crazy we always have a choice about how we respond.

I know it’s a tough balance between super mom and super-chill mom. I’ve tried  to make every little gift, moment, etc. as precious and wonderful as ever and then find myself so overwhelmed I’m talking in the death whisper, “Drink your hot chocolate, enjoy the Christmas lights and leave your sister/brother alone! WE ARE TRYING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!” Phew- well if I wanted to create memorable moments, that one will be, remember the time mom lost her sh!t while looking at Christmas lights? This didn’t actually happen but VERY easily could. (Heck, we haven’t even looked at lights yet- add that to the list!) This week I am teetering between let’s snuggle and watch Elf and OH MY GOSH WHY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING freak outs. Since nobody is handing out medals for “Most Perfect Christmas Ever” and to avoid magical moments as described above, I am trying to consciously choose joy this week. I bet you can too. Let’s try this.

Is traffic terrible? Turn up the Christmas music and sing along. Being pissy isn’t going to make it move faster. If you aren’t avoiding Costco and the mall you are asking for crazy. Embrace it.

Family struggles? LET IT GO. The anger and resentment you hang on to is hurting you so much more than it hurts them. No seriously, listen to Elsa. LET IT GO!

Christmas performance after Christmas performance? They are only little once. You WILL miss these days, I swear.

Feeling a little blue about how materialistic the holiday can feel? Go to a church service to get back to what it’s really all about! We are attending one of 15 Bayside services and they are promising they will have a seat for anyone who comes. Regardless of the church, find one nearby and soak in the reason for the season.

Too many places to go/ people to see? I think this one is two-fold. For me, Christmas Day is sacred and the only people we try to please that day are the four us. That means no traveling and as much pajama time as possible. But the rest of the season? I think it’s important to make time when you can. Attend the work Christmas party, have a drink with friends, see as much family as you can. The season is so much better when we are together.

And please, just stop with the snarky. The Facebook posts, the judging of the Christmas cards you receive or the blogs you read. 😉 Christmas is different for everyone. I’d like to practice a little more acceptance and a lot less judgement this year. I sure feel more joy when I do.

I don’t doubt this week is hard for many people. Some are missing a loved one, lost or just far away, some lack money, some lack family and some people dread the difficult people and situations they will have to deal with.

I get it. I have my own personal challenges to face. But Christmas is coming no matter what my mood. So why not make it a good one?

Merry Christmas!

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