That One Time We Were In a Coffee Commercial

Some people get 15 minutes of fame; I got 15 seconds. Next time Youtube or Facebook stops you with a catchy little ad for Vitacup coffee, you might see me and my family. Earlier this month, through a series of fortunate events, my family was asked to be in a commercial. The basic information given was that they needed a “cute family with two kids ages 5-12 to play in the snow.” Easy enough!

The irony- my husband does not drink coffee and does not like the cold. But he loves us so he was game. The kids were thrilled. We bought and borrowed some snow clothes and spent a day in the mountains.

Baby it’s cold outside!

Seeing “behind the scenes” was pretty cool and not at all glamorous. I think my daughter was hoping for a makeup team and huge camera crew. We had two guys with handheld cameras and provided our own wardrobe. I had to retake a shot of me sipping coffee so many times that my cup was actually empty. We ran back inside the cabin to warm up between shots because beautiful fresh fallen snow means it’s COLD.

But the day was awesome. The kids were patient and did exactly as they were told. Their favorite part was “hit mom with a snowball as she walks away.” I’m pretty sure the guys were doing retakes of that one just for the kid’s enjoyment! We had a snowball fight, did a little sledding. And now we have snow clothes to go again this season!

On “set”! 🙂

Super fun experience. Next time we are in a group doing icebreakers and have to tell people something they don’t already know about us, we’ve got our story!

Click here to see the commercial!


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