Money Saving Tip- Buying Meat

meatI wanted to share a quick tip on cutting down on the cost of groceries with a little smart shopping. Being a carnivore is rough- meat is expensive!! But once in a while I get lucky. And if I would remember to do it more often, it wouldn’t just be once in a while. Safeway often has a selection of meat and fish for 50% off because it has reached (or come close to reaching) it’s “sell by” date. According to the USDA, poultry should be consumed 1-2 days from this date and beef and pork, 3-5 days. But if you immediately freeze it, you have bought yourself time and saved a lot of money!

I’m not a regular Safeway shopper because I have a major thing for Trader Joe’s (someday I am going to write about all of the things I love there, but the list is so long, it’s too overwhelming!). But anyhow, I needed a couple of things so I ran into Safeway yesterday for convenience. I scored big time in the meat department. I got wild rockfish, chicken breast fillets, and pork loin all for 50% off. What you see pictured cost me $17.  Lucky for me I hadn’t planned this week’s menu so Safeway decided for me. I appreciated that the rockfish was wild caught, and I found a great recipe to bread it and cook tonight. I used this Balsamic Pork Loin recipe to marinate the pork and freeze for later in the week. I’m freezing the chicken for fajitas. Not included in the picture is a flank steak that was $6.50 a pound. It’s $2.00 less per pound than Trader Joe’s and $1.00 less per pound than Winco. While I can tell the difference in flavor between Trader Joe’s and Winco’s, I am willing to try the Safeway steak to see how it compares.

I wish I could tell you the best day to search for these deals, but your best bet would be to ask the meat department employees. The areas where the meat is on sale is really well marked with signs that say “Manager’s Special” so keep an eye out. Happy saving!

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