Irish Mule Recipe

Irish Mule from Yard HouseLast year I discovered a drink at Yard House restaurant called an Irish Mule. It’s a mix of Irish Whiskey and ginger beer. On a hot summer day this drink is a refreshing essential to a patio happy hour. I mean look at it, doesn’t it make you feel ten degrees cooler and thirsty as heck? The only down fall? It costs $9.00. The way they blend the flavors together is pretty impressive but I need to be feeling rich to go drink one of these.

Being the do-it yourselfer I am, I scoured the internet for recipes, bought some ingredients, and mixed and matched until I found my perfect blend. I won’t lie, this is still not as good as the one from Yard House. Maybe it’s the cool copper mug they use or a secret ingredient from their house-made ginger beer that I am missing. But this recipe is still super yummy and I don’t feel guilty having more than one! I am over estimating when I say that it costs about $2.00 to make each drink. Depending on where you shop for your ingredients, it definitely shouldn’t cost more than that.

 Irish Mule RecipeHomemade Irish Mule


  • 4 oz. Non-alcoholic ginger beer
  • 1 oz. Irish Whiskey (I use Jameson)
  • 2 Tbsp. lime juice
  • 1Tbsp. simple syrup



  • Mix and enjoy!


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