Get a Stuck Ring Off of Your Finger

So last night I sat down to write my masterpiece but I was incredibly distracted by a ring that I couldn’t get off my finger. I had forced it on to begin with and after a few hours in the summer heat, I was too swollen for it to budge. I tried some oil which didn’t work. I took a shower hoping the soap from the shampoo would help. Nope. It dawned on me that it was also hot in the shower so I dipped by hand in an icy bowl of water for a few minutes. Still nothing. By this time I wasn’t giving up. It was like the scab you shouldn’t pick or the thread you shouldn’t pull…but you do. I think I was making the swelling worse, or so it seemed, and I was getting really anxious about this tight ring on my finger. As I sat with my hand dipped in the bowl, I checked out Pinterest and came up with a solution that finally worked. I’m just going to link to that web site because she did a great job with the directions. But I did take a picture when I was half way through the process just to document it. I won’t say that it was the safest or smartest solution, it hurt like heck, but my ring came off and my finger is intact. Pin this, bookmark it, save it somehow…because the next time you have a ring stuck on your finger, you are going to wish you remembered this trick!

Get a stuck ring off of your finger

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Get a Stuck Ring Off of Your Finger

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