Day Two: An Hour a Day for a Productive Week

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This post was started because I was reminiscent of “spring break” as a kid. After the break at Christmas, I’d trudge through a couple more months of winter until the week before Easter marked that the warm weather was beginning. It was a sweet taste of the summer vacation that was around the corner.

As an adult, it’s just another work week. If you have kids, it’s an expensive week of daycare. Like a lot of people, you may be saving your vacation time for summer and you’re stuck watching other folks pin, post, or Instagram photos of their epic spring vacation. Boo.

So what’s a girl (or guy) to do stuck home for the week? Aren’t you glad you read “Balancing the Busy” because I figured it out for you.

An hour a day, you’re going to do something outside of your normal schedule. Something different. Something good for the soul. And hopefully, HOPEFULLY, you will feel like you had a fulfilling, productive week when you’re done. A little bit of family time, a little bit of friend time, a little bit of you time- just give it an hour a day.

 Day 1

Day 2: An Hour of QuietDay two: An hour a day for a productive week

I’m not kidding- a whole hour of quiet. This hour is for you to be alone in your own head.

Inexpensive: Take a bath by candle light, hide in your room and read, turn on a yoga video (whatever you do, lock the door behind you and maybe put in headphones)

Splurge: Schedule a massage (places like Massage Envy have great introductory rates and are open in the evenings), treat yourself to a pedi/mani, or if you are like my husband, go hit a few buckets of golf balls

Bottom line: Do something for YOURSELF. If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And yeah, I want the rest of you to be happy too. If you have kiddos to worry about, turn on cartoons, call grandma to babysit for a bit- they can handle the junk tv or a few extra cookies from the grandparents if it means you get to unwind and reset. You deserve it.

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