15 Minutes of Extra Sleep Tomorrow

15 minutes of extra sleep tomorrowAnybody else a fan of the snooze button? If there is something that I will always need more if, it’s sleep. I do a lot during my evening to prepare for the day ahead so I thought I would share these tips. Just trying a few of these will let you hit snooze tomorrow and still make it to work on time!

Prep work tonight:

  • Get your coffee maker loaded and ready to go. Put out your coffee mug and/or travel mug (this ensures your travel mug is clean and doesn’t need to be washed in the a.m.). And actually make your coffee at home rather than stopping at the coffee shop. That saves you timer, and money. If your coffee maker has a time, set it to start 10 minutes before you are due to wake up.
  • If you make a breakfast smoothie, set up the blender (to ensure it’s clean) and your cup. Be sure all the ingredients are ready to go in the freezer/fridge. If you are really ambitious, portioned out containers of ingredients will make it even faster.
  • Can your breakfast be made ahead of time? Healthy fast options: yogurt and fruit (slice ahead), peanut butter toast, microwaved oatmeal (pre-measure in bowl), whole wheat cereal, healthy breakfast burrito (made ahead). Skipping breakfast is not an option!
  • Prepare your lunch, and if applicable, lunches for your family. This helps you make healthy choices when you aren’t rushed and running out the door. Making extra for dinner to pack for lunch helps you put even less thought into it.
  • Pick out your outfit- this does not just apply to women- men and kids included! This helps everyone be sure that what they want to wear is clean and ironed. You can even do this Sunday night for the whole week and get your ironing done in one shot. Make sure you check the weather forecast so you aren’t surprised!
  • Take your shower at night. If that’s not possible, be sure to coordinate morning bathroom schedules so you aren’t waiting for a shower. Invest in a quality hair dryer to cut down dry time.
  • Prepare your work bag or backpack with folders, documents, umbrellas, a water bottle, workout clothes- anything non-perishable that you will need the following day.
  • Body maintenance- pluck, polish, and shave at night so that you aren’t distracted by it when the clock in ticking in the morning.

In the morning:

  • Make smoothies while breakfast is heating
  • Do not check emails, text, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social media of your liking. If you must- set a timer for eating breakfast and check only during that allotted time frame.
  • No TV either!
  • Keep your make up routine simple.

If you have other time-saving tricks that help you in the morning, let me know and I will add them here!


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