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The Quarantine Routine

We’ve been safe at home for a month now and it’s clear that home-school is our new normal for the next six weeks. What I’ve learned thus far- we need a routine! The first couple of weeks we tried no routine — sleeping in, school whenever — it was chaos. When we don’t limit screen …

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A Teachable Moment- Yes, kids need boundaries!

My son is a funny, sweet six-year-old boy. He does well in school, makes friends easily, and is (relatively) well-behaved. Not often do I get a chance to exercise the parenting skills I read about. Until last night. We went to church late so he was tired and acting impish on the way home (getting …

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Which Kind of Parent Are You?

Which kind of parent are you?

So where do you fall on the scale between overprotective and lackadaisical parenting? Chances are a lot closer to the middle than my photos- I went to the extreme on both ends as I know how we choose to parent is a very sensitive topic. But one worthy and necessary to discuss, I think. When …

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Give Yourself a Break

not easy, worth it

I couldn’t find my 5 year old son for about 20 minutes and it was the most frightening, gut-wrenching moment in my life. We were at a family party with a ton of kids playing in the front yard and some parents and teenagers taking watch. Long story short, time had gone by where all …

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