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29 Ideas to Date Your Mate

29 date ideas

If you read yesterday’s post, Date Your Mate, you know I promised you a list of date ideas. Making time for a date can be challenging, but I have faith that you have your calendar out and are inking in space right now (right!?). If you have kids, child care is your next hurdle. Praise …

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Date Your Mate: Keeping Connected After Kids

May is National Date Your Mate Month. Who knew, right? Regardless, it’s a great opportunity for me to remind you why it’s so important to continue dating your spouse even after you’re married- and especially after you have children. There are some wonderful comforts of being in a long-term relationship. We can wear our grubbiest …

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Our Version of “Perfect”

renewing vows

Last weekend my husband, Joe, and I renewed our wedding vows. This special mass held each year at our church was the same weekend we were celebrating 16 years together, and later this year we will be married for ten. When we read about it in the church bulletin I was pleased that he was …

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