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A Summer Adventure: Appreciating Time with My Kids

Summer Adventure

As the final weeks of summer rush upon us, I decided that I wanted to take the kids on an adventure. They have had plenty of time at various camps and have maxed out their fort building and game playing skills on “at home” days. Plus, when we stay home, I’m always in “doing” mode. …

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Strengthen Your Family: Eat dinner together

Strengthen Your Family-Eat Dinner Together

Of all the traditions that I’ve tried to create for my family, eating dinner together every night might be the most important. In our crazy, hurried world, this is one of my best “balancing the busy” tactics. I’m not sure if it began consciously. As a couple, my husband and I always ate together and …

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No Epiphany Today- Just Balancing My Busy

Hi y’all! Oh how I miss you! I miss writing the ideas brewing in my head and hearing your thoughts about them! I have a couple of great how-to posts in the works but time is a precious commodity these days, more so than usual, and so they wait in my brain until I can …

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