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Strengthen Your Family: Eat dinner together

Strengthen Your Family-Eat Dinner Together

Of all the traditions that I’ve tried to create for my family, eating dinner together every night might be the most important. In our crazy, hurried world, this is one of my best “balancing the busy” tactics. I’m not sure if it began consciously. As a couple, my husband and I always ate together and …

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Need a Weekend Getaway? Experience Sonoma County

Experience Sonoma County

I had the pleasure of a 30-hour getaway with my husband in mid-January to Sonoma, CA. When we try to balance the busy and find some “me” time, an overnight vacation is just enough for a quick recharge! What a beautiful place it is to visit. Even in the heart of winter, we had 60 …

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A Reminder About What Balance Looks Like

It drives me crazy that no matter how hard I try to balance my busy, writing always gets the shaft. And yet if I had “free time” I would write all day, every day, with a smile on my face. No blogs were completed this week (though they have been started!), but all for a …

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My Calendar is a Rainbow of Busy!

Gone are the quiet days of winter. It seems when the sun started shining on a regular basis it induced my calendar to bloom just like the weeds all over my yard. Does anyone else have that heavy feeling of a little panic in their chest? I just know I’m going to let something slip, …

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My Happy Place

This is balancing the busy

Once a year I travel up the coast of California to my happy place. I take in deep breaths of salt air, warm my toes in the sand, and I fall asleep to the crash of ocean waves. This peace and tranquility has to last me throughout the year. I never know quite how much …

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