Oct 30 2014

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Post-Move: Where We Are Now

Part one: I Sold a Dream Home for a Different Way of Life

Part two: The Emotions of Selling a Home

And finally the dust has settled. It has been almost three months since our big move into our new place. Because the market was experiencing a peak in sale prices and we really didn’t know where we wanted to move to, we decided to rent a house nearby instead of buying again. This little “pause” is allowing us to save some money while enjoying someone else dealing with “fix-it” headaches as we take time to devise our next steps.

It’s practically impossible to rekindle the emotion we felt when we left our last home. I knew our first night here that we were in the right place and had done the right thing. I sat in bed reading. I could hear my husband working late in the new office, I could hear my dog getting herself comfortable in her new sleeping area in the laundry room, and I could see both of my kiddo’s bedroom doors, both of them sleeping soundly. Ahhh- that’s what makes a house a home.

Feeling at home with a view of the kids rooms from my own.

Feeling at home with a view of the kids rooms from my own.

Where we are now:

  • The kids have adjusted wonderfully. They love having a nearby park to ride their bikes to and they are comfortable in their rooms and space that they have made their own. There is still plenty of room to build a Nascar race track, so my son is particularly thrilled. The kids were able to stay at their same school which made this transition even easier.
  • My husband and I appreciate how much quicker we can clean this house and straighten up the yard. Though, I’ve learned that no matter how big or small the space, I’m just not good at keep a house neat.
  • Through purging and creative packing we managed to fit everything into a space that is 1,000 square feet smaller and still feel somewhat organized. I supposed I really didn’t need a gagillion vases or a cupboard dedicated solely to kitchen towels.
I purged a lot of vases when we moved. So far, haven't missed them!

I purged a lot of vases when we moved. So far, haven’t missed them!

  • The money we are saving is noticeable and appreciated. During the kid’s last fundraiser at school I was able to write a check without second guessing how it would affect our monthly budget. That breathing room makes me feel so light and free. I can’t even begin to explain the weight that has lifted.
  • I no longer have a great view of the sunset, but the sunrise is worth getting up for.
Traded an amazing sunset view, for one of the sunrise. Totally worth it.

Traded an amazing sunset view, for one of the sunrise. Totally worth it.

  • Having my sister down the street is a bonus.
  • A nearby bike path and greenbelt provides wonderful nature experiences. These hooligans have been seen pacing the neighborhood. We’ll see if they are so brave next month.
The boys thought they were hot stuff. Little do they know, soon to be hot in an oven, filled with stuffing! :)

The boys thought they were hot stuff. Little do they know, soon to be hot in an oven, filled with stuffing! 🙂


Our same comfy couches are in front of the T.V., the same family portraits hang on the walls, and the three most important people in my world live here. What else could I possibly need?

I don’t exactly know what our next steps will be from here. For now I can say, we all can say, we made a great decision. We survived and came out the other side stronger and maybe just a little wiser. I’m not scared anymore about the unknown because I’ve felt firsthand how possible it is to survive change with the love and support of family.



***Next week I will entertain you with my do’s and don’ts of packing/moving. My color coded labeling worked great, but it might have helped if I had actually been done packing when the help arrived to move us…***




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  1. Diane Crabb

    Jen – I just discovered your Balancing the Busy blog through your Facebook posting. Didn’t realize what you were referring to before when you or Laurie mentioned it & I have never followed a blog or even thought about how they worked. I spent the last hour or so perusing some of your entrees the past few months. What an intelligent & insightful young lady you are. Sharing your observations & experiences in life & as a wife & mother who obviously puts her family first is inspirational. You were raised by two exceptional people & it shows. Your parents would be so proud as I’m sure they always have been of you & your sisters. I can’t tell you how many times to friends I have referred to the entire Tillett family as a model of how to do it right. Nobody is perfect, virtually all of us having our flaws & issues…It’s called being human…..but some people stand out in our lives & your entire family does that for me. I would very much enjoy following your blog. You are a natural with the pen & maybe some day you should persue a career in journalism in some capacity or write a book. Thanks to the computer age you could do that from home….just a thought. You have an adorable little family of your own & I’m sure they appreciate how much you obviously love them & how involved you are with them. Love you, Diane

    1. Jen

      Diane- thank you so much. It is such an honor to have a great person like yourself think so highly of our family. No, we certainly are not perfect, but I will admit, my parents were pretty darn terrific. I hope you enjoy following Balancing the Busy!

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