Friday is National Wear Red Day

Heart health is very near and dear to my, well, heart. I come from a long line of high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I have family members who have suffered from strokes and heart attacks. Whether it’s lifestyle choices or bad genes, it’s a scary legacy to be left with.

Despite warning signs, heart disease is still the number one killer of American women. It affects more women than men and causes more deaths in women than all forms of cancer combined. Read that last part again- causes more deaths in women than all forms of cancer combined. Yikes. We might want to take this seriously.

The good news though- this is definitely not out of our hands. A lot of heart health issues can be managed with awareness and lifestyle.

  1. Exercise- get moving and work in your 30 minutes a day.
  2. Eat smart- Small steps to eating better will help you be successful.
  3. Know your numbers- knowing your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are great places to start taking care of your heart. When was the last time you saw your doctor?

National Wear Red DayTo raise awareness of this killer, the American Heart Association has declared February 7, 2014, National Wear Red Day. A day to wear red to show your support and to raise awareness for yourself, your mother, your sister, your best friend- women everywhere. Let’s take care of ourselves so that we can take care of this epidemic. Let’s make a commitment to live a lifestyle that promotes a healthy heart, not becoming a statistic.

For more resources about National Wear Red Day or how you can take care of your heart, the American Heart Association web site has a lot of great tips and tools.

See below for a couple of valuable videos to watch. Check back tomorrow for a heart healthy (and tasty!) recipe.


Every woman should watch this video (wouldn’t hurt men too). It is such an accurate portrayal of how a busy woman might ignore the signs of a heart attack.


While we are on the topic of heart health, I also want to share this valuable clip on hands only CPR. Last fall at my high school alma mater’s football game, the football announcer (also my former teacher) collapsed in the press box. It was because of hands on CPR that he survived. It is well worth the few minutes to watch.



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